Toni Warburton & Bernadette Klavins



Bernadette Klavins, to make a walk (I – XIX), 2018
Fired paper clay, aluminium

Toni Warburton, room work: patch trail plot:uneven ground

mixed media, dimensions variable, 2018

Toni Warburton is grateful for support from the ceramics studio provided by Lynda Draper, Joe Purtle, Machiko Motoi, and MFA students

Toni and Bernadette primarily communicated through text. Here are some of the exchanges.


Toni Warburton – Work in progress – 2018



Toni Warburton (NSW) and Bernadette Klavins (SA)

Toni Warburton is an artist, educator, writer and curator. She works primarily in ceramics and installation, as well as drawing, photography, writing and body actions. She has exhibited widely, while also pursuing curatorial projects, and has undertaken numerous local, national and international residencies. Her work is held in many national, state and private collections. She holds an MVA from the University of Sydney (2000) and has taught ceramics, history and contemporary theory at the National Art School, Sydney College of the Arts, UNSW Art & Design.

Bernadette Klavins is an emerging artist working primarily within the field of sculpture. Through her practice, Bernadette attempts to draw out the transformative and poetic potential of familiar materials and playfully explores the potential for sculptural processes to become analogous to geological activity. In 2016, Bernadette graduated with First Class Honours from Adelaide Central School of Art. She has undertaken international residencies and participated in group shows at Adelaide Central Gallery, Carclew and the Flinders Medical Centre. She is currently a Co-Director at FELTspace ARI, and a member of Switchboard Studios.